Rivers of Carbon boosting Burra biodiversity!

“We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations.” *

We are delighted to have funding through the New South Wales Environmental Trust to work with local communities in Burra, who got in touch with Rivers of Carbon last year because they want to address soil loss, sedimentation, fragmentation of remnant vegetation, and a lack of riparian connectivity in this important water supply catchment.

Rivers of Carbon – Burra Banks, Bush and Biodiversity will work in partnership with the Molonglo Catchment Group, Greening Australia, South East Local Land Services, landholders, and the broader community to fence out waterways, revegetate riparian areas, undertake strategic erosion control works to improve water quality, and link wildlife habitat.  The Burra region is a focus area for Rivers of Carbon as it has been identified as a stressed catchment in Local Land Services planning documents, with high erosion hazards in some areas, but with good, albeit fragmented, biodiversity in others.

Riparian zones in the project area provide the opportunity to create intact biodiverse corridors between the Tinderry and Namadgi Nature Reserves that are currently disconnected.  By connecting the Tinderry and Namadgi Nature Reserve areas, riparian restoration works will also address erosion problems, thereby improving water quality for downstream users. Further benefits will accrue with carbon sequestration enhanced through the protection of existing remnant vegetation and revegetaton.

Rivers of Carbon Partnership Approach:

Using the Rivers of Carbon partnership approach, we will engage six landholders to protect and enhance 24ha of riparian lands along 5km of riparian zone, as well as connecting to a further 300ha of remnant vegetation.

On-ground works incentives provided through Rivers of Carbon Burra, will enable landholders to undertake works addressing identified problems in the area. The project will become part of other community awareness-raising activities focusing on soil erosion, biodiversity and birds (for example,a focal species the Scarlet Robin), by targeting those landholders who have properties adjoining, or near the Tinderry and Namadgi Nature Reserves Rivers of Carbon Burra is seeking to connect.  Our ultimate aim is to connect the two Nature Reserves by working with landholders to create a stable, structurally diverse, contiguous riparian zone that creates terrestrial and aquatic corridors for wildlife.  We also hope to support the landholders we work with to continue to undertake such works, and act as champions for riparian restoration in the wider community.


Riparian areas across Burra

Community Activities:

In addition to our on-ground activities we run workshops and field days co-hosted with the Molonglo Catchment Group to share the latest science and practice of managing creeks, wetlands and rivers for multiple benefits.  The Molonglo Catchment Group shares the Rivers of Carbon philosophy of protect first, restore second and empower local communities to look after their rivers and streams.   Our other key Rivers of Carbon partner Greening Australia, has worked with the Molonglo Catchment Group over many years and has expertise based on prior work in the Burra area.   Together we are delighted to be working in the Burra region and we would love to hear from you if you would like to join us.

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If you are a landholder in the Burra region then get in touch with either Lori Gould or Ben Hanrahan (details below).  Alice McGrath from the Molonglo Catchment Group is also involved in this project so feel free to give her a call too.  You can also download the postcard (see right).


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Lori phone: 0439 030 058
Lori email: lori.gould@arrc.com.au

Ben phone: (02) 6253 3035
Ben email: bhanrahan@greeningaustralia.org.au

Alice phone: (02) 6299 2119
Alice email: Alice.McGrath@molonglocatchment.org.au

* Quote by David Brower