We believe in the power of sharing knowledge, with this part of our site bringing together information and people’s experiences of how to gain multiple benefits from managing riparian areas as integrated, but different parts of the property requiring special attention.  If you have some information you would like to share with others through our site, please do not hesitate to get in touch, as we welcome your contribution.

  • What is a river of carbon?

    What is a river of carbon?

    What is a river of carbon? Information about how we can protect and create riparian areas to sequester carbon and boost biodiversity.

  • Valuing people & knowledge

    Valuing people & knowledge

    The Rivers of Carbon team believe that all people are knowledgeable, with this part of our site focusing on how to value people and share the knowledge they bring to our work.

  • Managing Rivers of Carbon

    Managing Rivers of Carbon

    Information about how to manage riparian areas as integrated, yet different parts of the farm, to gain multiple benefits.

  • Related Riparian Projects

    Related Riparian Projects

    Learning from other groups about the work they are doing to create riparian corridors using biodiverse carbon.