Rivers of Carbon – Goulburn District Linkages

Rivers run through our history and folklore, and link us as a people.   They nourish and refresh us and provide a home for dazzling varieties of fish and wildlife, and trees of every sort.  (Charles Kuralt)

Rivers of Carbon – Goulburn District River Linkages, continues our focus  on connecting and linking riparian rehabilitation projects (undertaken over the past 20 years by various groups) with remnant vegetation and other works.  Strong community demand led us to put in the application to rehabilitate riparian areas to boost native vegetation, reduce sedimentation, and improve stock management. Connecting riparian and terrestrial vegetation, and increasing biodiversity are key outcomes, as well as raising awareness and sharing knowledge about the many values our rivers have for communities – both human and ecological.

Wollondilly River

Wollondilly River, part of RoC Goulburn

Working with local landholders to restore rivers

Working with local landholders to restore rivers

Our partners are Greening Australia, the Upper Lachlan Landcare Group, South-East Local Land Services and Land for Wildlife.    Over the next four years we will be seeking twenty-five landholders to work with us to protect and enhance twenty-five kilometres of riparian corridor, as well as linking 1500 hectares of remnant vegetation.  Alternative water is available for up to fifteen landholders (if required) to offset loss of access to the waterway.  Overall, we are going to plant 40,000 tubestock and do fifty kilometres of direct seeding using local provenance native seed.  The timeframe for our project is from the 1st of June 2016 through to the 1st of June 2026.

Lucy Wenger from Greening Australia talks about her experiences and impressions as the project manager of Rivers of Carbon – Goulburn District River Linkages in 2018.

The map below shows the area we are working in, as well as some of the other projects currently underway in this part of New South Wales.

Regional Grants_2016_2025Our project runs for ten years, so once the initial site selection and on-ground works are done, we will be returning to each site and reviewing progress.  We will also be running field days and other events to share what we are learning and raise awareness about how best to manage rivers in this district for biodiversity gains.

We have recently run a great event in Goulburn where we talked about ‘Messing things up and slowing it down”.  Follow this link to find out more about our event and watch the video ...

Yes, I want to get involved?

Terrific, we would be delighted to hear from you. What you need to do now is to check the map to ensure you are within the Goulburn District we are covering. If you are, complete the Expression of Interest form and send it to Lucy Wenger who will be the main contact for this project. You can complete it on-line or print it out, scan it and send it back to Lucy.

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Goulburn District Linkages Flyer

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Expression of Interest Form


Goulburn District Linkages Brochure

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Goulburn District Linkages Postcard





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